STS Ceramic Coating PLUS

STS Ceramic Coating PLUS is a coating at the highest level. With commitment and innovation, we have succeeded in specifying our basic products for the marine and automotive sectors. Doing water sports without stressing the aqua system? Protect classic cars from environmental influences and brake dust after restoration? With STS MARITIM and STS AUTOMOTIVE, we have succeeded in doing just that.

It has been proven that no pollutants get into the water after our coating has cured, and it has been proven that the protection provided by our complete coating for a classic car body lasts for over 3 years after a single application. But our products offer even more, that makes our PLUS, that makes us. According to our credo: The best or nothing.

The best or nothing


Yacht owners like that – less maintenance, protection from fouling, UV rays and high environmental compatibility are just some of the points that distinguish our Ceramic Coating Plus. No wonder, then, that more and more owners and shipyards are bringing us on board when it comes to coatings.


Only the best for your great and old.

Classic cars, motorbikes, campers or luxury bodies are matters of the heart. What could be more natural than to offer them the protection they deserve, a protective shell like a safe.

STS Coating

sustainable, environmentally friendly, free of pollutants after curing

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Guarantee promise

We are convinced of STS Ceramic Coating PLUS and express this with a 3 year guarantee* for a functional surface with a single coating.
*With a proven professional application.

STS Coating & Sustainability

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