Excellent protection for upper deck and interior – invisible & odourless

With our product range, we offer a sealant for different recyclables and other materials, such as GRP, to protect them like a safe. Make your railing shine with STS MARITIM Orange, get more visibility through windows with STS MARITIM Yellow, but the most important option at the end: Seal your GRP surfaces on the upper deck and thus protect your yacht from UV rays, yellowing, fading colour appearance and chalking.

The largest surfaces on the upper deck are made of GRP. In addition, there are smaller surfaces made of metal, glass, wood and plastic whose sealing after a single application saves an enormous amount of time and work.


STS MARITIM provides invisible protection and preserves the elegance of the interior. Thanks to the ultra-fast cross-linking time with the respective material surface, our Ceramic Sealer Plus provides an ultra-thin odourless protective layer. With our STS MARITIM product range, you enter into a long-lasting, sustainable and efficient partnership.


      With an STS MARITIM coating you give your yacht the highest appreciation.

Can teak decking also be coated?

The question is not what you can do, but what you want to achieve. Materials on the upper deck are exposed to heavy wear and tear in the running position and generally to the effects of the weather, such as UV rays, heat, frost and rain. The mere movement of your yacht and vibrations also place high demands on materials and bonding.

To come back to the question: Yes, you can seal your teak decking. Take our word for it and expect the protection of our Ceramic Sealer PLUS to outlast the longevity of a Nano Sealer or a conventional ceramic sealer.

However, we cannot give our guarantee promise in this case, no matter how first-class the workmanship of the expert may be.

A look into the future

This much we can reveal: We are currently working at full speed in our laboratory to offer this high-quality raw material the appropriate value-preserving protection. Our goal is to be able to give our 3-year guarantee to a wooden decking with a clear conscience, even if it has only been applied once by a professional.

Is STS MARITIM suitable for interior design and furnishing?

As a matter of course! Our coatings not only provide protection against harmful influences, but also give your yacht a lasting shine and colour depth.

Ceilings and walls can be completely sealed so that the colour appearance is retained even after years. It is important that the surface is smooth and fine-pored, like all painted surfaces. It is best to obtain information on this from our partners, yacht sellers and shipyards before you set sail.

After a single application of STS MARITIM Orange, your metal handles made of chrome, stainless steel or brass will have a long-lasting shine and can be cleaned more quickly from everyday dirt. Treat yourself to the beading effect in the bathroom and kitchen, say goodbye to limescale on ceramics, glass and metal mouldings.

Can a wooden interior be coated?

Wood is often a part of individual and exquisite interior design. Smooth and lacquered wood is ideal for a ceramic coating.

STS MARITIM – Ceramic Coating PLUS for upper deck and interior.

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