Ceramic coating PLUS for all vehicles

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Owners of classic cars, motorbikes, motorhomes, expedition vehicles and other enthusiast vehicles all have one thing in common: enthusiasm. They stand by their sense of the extraordinary, high-quality materials and craftsmanship and are prepared to give their best to preserve them. So are we.

Ceramic Coating PLUS is an absolute high-end coating for all those who appreciate the combination of design, love of life, value and craftsmanship. With our STS AUTOMOTIVE line, we have created coatings with the highest precision that have been optimally adapted to complex challenges, road conditions and weather conditions. A PLUS for all vehicles.

That makes  STS AUTOMOTIVE so special

In contrast to conventional coatings, the colourless, liquid coatings form a multi-chain molecular bond with the surface. Due to the extremely fast cross-linking with the surface, it is considerably more efficient, durable and resistant than purely adhesive coatings, such as lacquers or resins.

The PLUS at a glance

Increased protection against UV rays

Color refreshing

Chemical resistance. The smooth surface does not allow penetration.

The time in which the material bonds with the matching STS sealant is ultra-short, a true turbo-crosslinking.

High and long service life. We guarantee a service life of the functional surface of 3 years with professional processing.

Increased sliding ability saves energy and costs.

Heat resistance up to 850 °C and with special treatment we reach up to 1550 °C.

Cold resistant up to – 50°C

Extremely smooth after polishing (otherwise rather haptically rougher).

Ultra thin film

Pollutant-free after curing; no release of pollutants into water or atmospheric oxygen.

When it comes to real protection

… you can take us seriously. We know that protection and value retention are the be-all and end-all when it comes to mobile matters of the heart. That’s why, in addition to cost efficiency and environmental compatibility, our focus in recent years has been on the subject of value retention. A one-time professional coating protects the paintwork from environmental influences and dirt. Less maintenance, longer intervals and lower water consumption become noticeable after a short time. But the greatest added value lies in the preservation of value, as if time were standing still.

With an STS AUTOMOTIVE seal you will have a smile on your face over a long period of time when you see your companion. And we don’t just say that. With a proven professional application, you get a 3-year guarantee on a functional surface – and that with only one single application! That’s all it gets? We agree with you on that.

We protect your gold piece like a safe.



UV rays


road salt



bird droppings


sharp detergents     


For these materials we offer real gloss performance





GRP, Gelcoat

metals – copper, stainless steel, gold, chrome, brass, aluminium, silver

electroplated, anodised and lacquered surfaces

and many other smooth surfaces of other recyclables

Auto nachhaltig versiegeln

STS AUTOMOTIVE -our product line for vehicles

Goggomobile for self users & mobile homes for professionals?

No, you can’t say it like that. However, in order to achieve a secure and long-lasting result, precise, even and clean processing is required. This uniformity prevents unevenness and thus friction surfaces. After all, we are talking about a wafer-thin protective layer.

We know how important kow-how and expert know-how is to ensure that an effective and sustainable seal protects your vehicle.

These are our reasons as a manufacturer for the processing of large areas, such as for the processing of lacquer surfaces or GRP, Ceramic Coating PLUS only to service companies and workshops.

However, you can purchase self-made sets in our eShop for sealing smaller areas, both for your luxury car body and classic car or camper.

Learn more about STS AUTOMOTIVE & value retention

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