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Ceramic coating for classic cars and motorbikes

Paint coating of the finest

When coating lacquer, it is the surface that counts. The condition is the decisive parameter for choosing the right coating.
If there is still an original coating on the body of the historic jewel, a different coating will be chosen than one that has been re-treated. But even a re-treated paint finish can differ in its composition. Without question, a coating applied by a specialist workshop is the better choice for a historic vehicle.
STS AUTOMOTIVE paint coatings cross-link with the surface. That is why we achieve the long service life and why the analysis of the body paint is elementary in order to achieve the desired protection and added value and to avoid damage. This is what makes STS Coatings stand out.


Plastic on classic cars – yellowed and stained.

On classic cars there are plastic strips, originally mostly black or chrome-plated. In the years 1990 to 2000, well-known European car manufacturers used plastic on the sides and on the front of the car body, mostly dyed black but not painted, which became yellowed or stained over the years. With STS AUTOMOTIVE yellow, the colour appearance can be excellently refreshed to protect the plastic against UV rays, but also against stubborn dirt and scratches in the years to come.

Coating rubber and leather

Can rubber and leather also be coated with STS AUTOMOTIVE? Yes, but the durability and service life is too low for us to speak of added value. The surfaces of rubber and leather are coarse-pored, porous and absorbent – in short, a poor basis for a profitable long-lasting coating.

More visibility with STS AUTOMOTIVE yellow

Glass panes, mirrors, headlights and glass diffusers become dull over time. The condition of the surface becomes damaged by UV rays, cleaning agents and weathering, so dirt becomes increasingly difficult to remove. Here, too, you can achieve significant added value with a coating.

Coating motorbikes – More freedom. More shine. More protection.

Whether a classic car or a collector’s item, every individualist, every owner holds their Roadrunner sacred. We support you and bring with STS AUTOMOTIVE orange for metals a quality that guarantees you the value retention and the shine.

Big, black and beautiful

STS AUTOMOTIVE – this ceramic coatings for your classic car & motorbike

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