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Ceramic coating for expedition vehicles | campers | caravans | trailers

Focus on travel & value preservation

Travelling is the focus of all owners of expedition and camper vans. Quite a few carry a whole household with them and live in their mobile home for the whole year or for months at a time.

Living on 4 wheels, even if only for short periods, is THE motivation for being the owner of a motorhome or expedition vehicle. You make a purchase that deserves to be appreciated. That’s how we see it, don’t you?


Coating brings added value

Advantage of coating with STS AUTOMOTIVE

  • Value retention
  • Colour appearance remains unchanged
  • Protection against weathering
  • UV rays
  • frost
  • extreme heat
  • stain-resistant
  • protection against scratches
  • humidity
  • Low ploughing effort
  • time saving
  • Pollutant-free after curing

Coat camper. More protection. More shine. More value.

Coat the entire camper? You can, especially if a complete coating offers added value if the vehicle is used all year round, the use is high and a resale is in question. Motorhomes that are protected in a garage every six months are more likely to leave a good impression after years, even without coating.

Protect GRP, solar panels, satellite system, skylights, silicone joints.
Being on the road, different climates and also the challenges that come with it. Whether near the sea, stony mountains or in the far north, expedition vehicles and motorhomes are demanded a lot, such as increased humidity and salt air, heat, strong UV rays, sand, frost, hail or heavy rain.

Camper, pannello solare, antenna TV ed oblò

Camper & expedition vehicle – coating the roof surface.

Is it possible to seal only the roof surface? Yes, by all means. If you want to save costs or see the maintenance of the motor home as an event rather than a punishment, you should think about a ceramic coating for the roof surface only. On the roof most dirt remains and settles on GRP, solar panels, satellite system, skylight and silicone joints. A one-time application with STS AUTOMOTIVE green and you have peace of mind for a long time. Think about investing.Think about an investment.

Expedition vehicles & STS AUTOMOTIVE. Experience more together.

Expedition vehicles per se stand for individuality, mud, demanding paths, extreme challenges, everything that constitutes adventure. But even big animals want to be loved.
For those who only shrug their shoulders at the word “value preservation,” “low maintenance” might make their ears prick up. Who likes to climb onto the roof to clean solar panels before the espresso runs into the cup?

Whether an expedition vehicle should look daring or rather well-groomed remains to be seen, but the advantages cannot be denied.

Enjoy the mud hole – briefly spray with the hose – as if from scratch.
True to our credo: The best or nothing!

Coatings on large surfaces require a special flair and expert know-how. With our STS AUTOMOTIVE product line and the experience of our partners on site in the workshops, we offer you a perfect prerequisite for a value-preserving coating.

STS AUTOMOTIVE – ceramic coating for campers & expedition vehicles

Classic car owners, campers and enthusiasts will find our products STS AUTOMOTIVE in our online store and in specialized shops. Larger containers are sold by us as a manufacturer only to commercial companies, service providers and specialist dealers.

Learn more about STS AUTOMOTIVE & value retention

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