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As soon as the water temperatures rise, every water sports enthusiast becomes restless. But as with all equipment, the same applies here: Only well-maintained material brings the desired pleasure. For sustainable and long-lasting protection, we offer basic care and coating products for different materials.

The added value for your board

  • More gliding ability, thus less physical effort required
  • Extremely smooth, thus increased speed
  • Protection against limescale, algae and other deposits
  • Ultra thin film
  • Sustainable because pollutant-free after curing
  • Protection of the colour optics
  • Revival of the colour pigments
  • Increased UV protection

Surfing | Windsurfing | Kitesurfing | Wakeboarding | Waterskiing

Whether surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, water skiing or wakeboarding, size and shape do not matter for a coating. The inside of a board can also be made of different materials. The surface, however, is usually made of an epoxy resin or polyester. The more expensive the purchase of a board was and the more important this sport is for the user, the more important care and coating are. For epoxy resin and polyester, STS MARITIM green should be used for the best protection. Green was specially developed for GRP, gelcoat, polyester in water sports.

Male wakeboarding on lake
Young guy cruising on the atlantic ocean on a jet ski

Jetski | Jet-Ski

It does not matter whether a jet ski is used in salt water or fresh water, over time algae, limescale or other deposits are found on the edges. Not only does the eye suffer at the sight, but the biggest loss is in friction, glide and steerability. As with all other watercraft, UV rays change the colour appearance and the shine was yesterday. All this can be prevented with a ceramic coating and still be free of pollutants.

STS MARITIM green for GRP is applied once thinly after extensive cleaning and the Aqua-Runner is protected against UV rays and dirt for the next few years.

SUP | Stand UP Paddle  | SUP Board

SUP boards in the entry-level category are made of polyethylene (PE) or weather-resistant plastic. In the higher price segment you will find epoxy resin or carbon.

The lighter the board, the higher the performance and also the price. The robustness usually decreases at the same time. Boards are generally made of polyethylene, weather-resistant plastic acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylic ester as outer layer (AST/ASA), epoxy resin or carbon. For polythylene, STS MARITIM yellow should be used for coating and STS MARITIM green for carbon.

Coating iSUP | Coating Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable paddle boards are made with PVC and dropstitch construction, making them virtually indestructible.

But not only the construction of a SUP board is crucial for its durability, but also the right care. With a proper cleaning and a subsequent coating STS MARITIM yellow applied carefully and according to instructions, you will get more shine, colour appearance and above all an increased gliding ability for years.
Did you know that with better glide you can save your energy because you glide on the water with less physical effort?

STS MARITIM coatings are
– sustainable
– environmentally friendly
– free of pollutants

Why should the surfboard, wakeboard and jet ski be coated?

Whether in salt water or fresh water, algae, limescale and other deposits tend to settle on the surface, resulting in unsightly edges. UV rays turn the surface yellow and colours fade after just one season, depending on the amount of sunlight. With the appropriate STS MARITIM products, you can ensure a long-lasting, appreciative and sustainable improvement with the coating. Once applied after a professional instruction, you get more shine, glide, UV protection and the whole thing for years.

STS MARITIM ceramic coatings for water sport and fun sport at a glance

Board owners and enthusiasts will find our STS MARITIM product range especially for water sports in our online shop and in specialist shops.


As a manufacturer, we only sell larger orders to commercial companies, service providers and specialist dealers.

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