Ceramic coating for yachts

Motor yachts, houseboats, sailboats, catamarans

Yacht owners and water sports enthusiasts face two challenges every year: How do I protect my watercraft from the effects of the particular waters and fouling, and how can I protect the environment, the water body.

Every aqua-activist knows that human activities affect the aqua-ecosystem. Especially in recreational boat harbors, near shipyards and closed inland waters, this can lead to high pollution.

This is exactly where we as a manufacturer saw our task to create a sealant that can prove itself in both challenges.

With STS MARITIM, we present a product line that addresses maritime and aqua-ecological influences. The four specified sealers are applicable to selected different materials.

The largest areas are the hull and the upper deck and this is where our greatest attention lies.

Coating yachts & boats

GRP hull, coating gelcoat

GRP is most commonly used for the hull of motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, houseboats and sailboats because of its high breaking strain and elastic energy absorption. As a result, the hull offers the greatest attack surface for dirt, corrosion and fouling.

The top layer of the fibreglass composite is called gelcoat. It is a hard coating that is applied to the GRP as a protective layer against moisture, UV rays and scratch and pressure damage. However, gelcoats are not as durable and resistant as desired. Various factors, including the base materials of the paint, are the reasons for the need for additional sealing, even on new motor yachts, houseboats and sailing yachts.

Weather influences, such as increased and intense UV rays, water effects due to pollution, salt and shells, as well as air pollution are the most important damage, along with ageing, incorrect cleaning, corrosion or lack of preservation. All these influences weather the structure, the framework of the gelcoat and require a boat sealant to protect against these influences.


Rumpf versiegeln -2

STS MARITIM protects like a safe from:

  • Humidity
  • UV-rays
  • Scratches
  • Pressure damage
  • Fouling
  • Corrosion
  • Weather influences
  • harmful chemicals
  • chalking
  • Water pollution

Antifouling Topic No. 1

Name one boat owner who has not yet been confronted with fouling. Antifouling is probably the No. 1 topic in all countries.

Microorganisms, plants and animals settle (one might think preferentially) on the hull of a yacht, which is called fouling. They reduce speed and increase fuel consumption. Aqua – ecologically, fouling poses a problem by transporting it into other natural ecosystems.

A single application of STS MARITIM gives you many years of durability. That is what we call MORE VALUE. We can therefore justifiably claim that STS MARITIM is more than a substitute for conventional antifouling products.


Propeller versiegeln 2
Sailboat deck

Protection against corrosion

Especially in yachts and sailing boats, there are sensitive parts that are susceptible to corrosion. Classic examples of corrosion hazards on sailing yachts and catamarans are stainless steel fittings mounted on aluminium masts without insulation, or on motor yachts the problem of corrosion most often occurs in the drive. A classic example of a corrosion hazard: the stern drive is made of an aluminium alloy, while the propeller is made of stainless steel.


Experiences with STS MARITIM ceramic coatings

STS Versiegelung in Germany is the manufacturer of the High End Ceramic Coating PLUS. Formulations have been developed for selected areas of life and sport according to the respective needs. In water sports, we can look back on boats that were coated with our Ceramic Coating PLUS seven years ago and still do not need to be coated again. The hull, upper deck and metals exposed to the weather were coated. A long-term study according to all the rules of the art.

Continuous optimisation of the formulations according to the special challenges of water sports and different materials have made our coating what we offer you today: STS MARITIM Ceramic Coating PLUS.


STS MARITIM – ceramic coatings for yachts & boats at a glance

Small areas are handled by self-users, large areas by marinas?

No, it is not that simple. However, precise, even and clean processing in all work steps is essential to achieve a secure and long-lasting result. It is this uniform processing that prevents unevenness and thus friction surfaces.

We know how important professional skill is in order to achieve an effective and lasting seal. For this reason, we as a manufacturer only sell Ceramic Coating PLUS to shipyards, specialist dealers and service companies for use on large surfaces, such as for processing the hull.

But for coating smaller areas, both on large yachts, as well as on small ones, you can purchase our self-made sets in our eShop.


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