STS coatings –  Made in Germany

STS Versiegelung GmbH develops and produces high-quality coatings in the field of ceramic sealants. The company is based in Germany, Hessen.

While in recent years our focus in the further development of our ceramic coatings has been on value stability and cost efficiency, the topics of environmental friendliness and sustainability have been omnipresent.

Recently, we have succeeded in creating a ceramic coating that does not release any residues into the water after curing, i.e. is aqua-ecologically sustainable. It does not matter whether the water is salt water, stagnant water or polluted water. Ultimately, this means that as soon as a sealed surface comes into contact with water, including tap water, no pollutants are released. A win all along the line.

For the future and with regard to the environment, we continue to focus on the evaluation of formulations, haggling tenaciously for every possibility to be able to offer our products economically and sustainably. For example, our coatings already significantly reduce the cleaning effort and increase the efficiency of moving objects through reduced friction losses and thus also lower energy consumption.

Made in Germany

STS ceramic coatings for the maritime, automotive and industrial sectors are developed, manufactured and filled in Germany without having to travel additional distances. That is why we can justifiably claim that STS ceramic coatings are Made in Germany.

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