Ceramic Coating PLUS. Only the best.

Our Ceramic Coating PLUS is currently considered innovative and leading worldwide. First and foremost, it provides long-lasting protection while maintaining a high level of durability. In water sports, the protection against UV rays, fouling, corrosion is particularly noteworthy, in the field of industrial processing, among other things, the protection against extreme cold, heat or even acids. Again, in the automotive sector, the focus is not only on paint protection but also on brake dust, road salt, bird droppings or even scratch marks.

Yacht and motorhome owners appreciate the time and cost savings of the self-cleaning effect of the ceramic coating. At this point, we also like to mention the scratch resistance, for example, of treated Plexiglas panes, whose appearance has already cost many an owner drops of sweat.

Vintage car owners particularly appreciate the revival of the paint colors in addition to the value-preserving effect.

Ceramic Coating PLUS offers so many advantages that favorite pieces simply deserve such a coating.

This is what makes Ceramic Coating PLUS so unique

  • Chemical resistance. The smooth surface does not allow penetration.
  • The time it takes for the material to bond with the appropriate STS coating is ultra-short, a true turbo-crosslinking.
  • High and long service life. We guarantee a service life of the functional surface of 3 years with professional processing.
  • Increased lubricity saves energy and costs.
  • Heat resistance up to 850°C and with special treatment we reach up to 1550 °C
  • Cold resistant up to – 50°C.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly due to a static orientation of the coating.
  • Increased protection against UV rays
  • Color refreshing
  • Extremely smooth after a polishing out ( otherwise rather haptically rougher )
  • Ultra thin film
  • Pollutant-free after curing; no release of pollutants into water or atmospheric oxygen
  • Osmosis resistant

INCREASED LEADING CAPABILITY. Faster, further, better.

1 sqm of floor space becomes 1.4 sqm of surface area. How is that possible? The combination of materials makes it possible. Imagine a broom head upside down as the base surface. When the liquid coating is applied, cross-linking takes place with the individual rod tips. Microscopically, this looks like a hood after curing. More surface, more glide – so simple.

Chemical Resistance. Being forearmed is everything

Surfaces treated with Ceramic Coating PLUS are protected against acids, alkalis and chemical influences in the range 3 – 13 ph. This means that treated surfaces with Ceramic Coating PLUS cannot be removed even by accident. Removal of the coating is possible only by professional treatment with an industrial solution. This must be observed especially when applying the coating.


If a valuable material, such as copper, or a plastic, such as GRP, has been professionally applied and cured with the intended coating to the corresponding material, the surface is heat-resistant up to 850°C and beyond. From a technical point of view, the protective mechanism acts via air removal.

If a product is so heat resistant, this is an indication of quality.

STS MARITIM and sustainability, because it’s more than that

People who feel at home in nature also want to protect nature, just as we do. That is why in recent years we have focused our research on sustainability and environmental protection. With Ceramic Coating PLUS, we have succeeded in producing a coating that does not release any pollutants into the water when cured. The value was below 1 ppm in the quality analysis.

Ceramic Coating PLUS – that makes sense

Are you one of those people to whom value retention, longevity and tradition are important? People who value free time and like to optimize work steps?

Then a value-preserving or value-increasing, cost-effective, time-saving and economical coating with STS Ceramic Coating PLUS is just right for you. Then and only then does a coating of your centerpiece really make sense.

Our PLUS – your added value

Currently, sealings with STS ceramic coatings are carried out in the field of water fun sports, in water sports on sailing yachts, motor yachts in marinas and in the automotive field on motor homes, rims and in restorations of classic cars.

For what purpose would you like a coating? Contact us and discover the many possibilities with STS coatings.

For these materials we offer real excellence

Ceramic Coating PLUS is suitable for a wide range of high quality raw materials and other materials as long as the surface is smooth, fine-pored and non-absorbent.

GRP, glass fiber reinforced plastic, is used extensively in the construction of yachts, aircraft and motor homes. In motorcycles or cars, for example, GRP is found as tanks, or in vans as cases.

Gelcoat is the hard paint that is applied to GRP as protection against UV rays, pressure damage and also moisture. However, this protection is not lasting and rather serves as a base for coatings also on brand new yachts, airplanes or campers this is the case.

Metals, such as chrome, copper, brass, aluminum, gold and silver, whether on land, in water or in the air offer many opportunities for attack and are worthwhile surfaces for a durable, long-lasting protective – coating.

Windows, portholes, showers, mirrors, glass bodies can be very well protected against scratches, reactions to cleaning agents or even chemicals with a ceramic Coating PLUS.

The size of the area is not important for adequate coating. However, professional work is essential for large areas. In order to achieve a reliable and long-lasting result, it is ultimately a matter of clean and precise processing in the individual steps. For this reason, we only supply Ceramic Coating PLUS to professional companies and service providers for use on large surfaces. Training courses on the subject of “Coating with Ceramic Coating PLUS” can also be held on site at your company. Please contact us.

For sealing smaller areas of the above materials, you will find a selection of self-made sets in our online store.

Ceramic Coating PLUS protects against

  • UV-rays
  • Cold
  • Heat
  • Road salt
  • Chemicals
  • Alkalis
  • Acids
  • Harsh detergents
  • Solvent
  • Bird droppings
  • Scratch

Our coatings can be used in various areas. Everywhere where value preservation and efficiency are important. Whether in water, in the air or in everyday life. With our coatings you get added value.

Ceramic coating is not a nano coating

Both types of coating are based on different principles and are not comparable per se. While the nano coating forms a three-dimensional grid on a smooth surface, the ceramic coating forms a network with the surface and thus provides a protective film. The beading effect, or lotus effect, is seen with both types of coatings.

Nano sealing is more of a care product and is used for optical preparation and only lasts a few months on the surface. On the other hand, the ceramic coating offers lasting protection for up to 3 years and, depending on the application and surface material, up to 10 years.

This is what makes our PLUS!

Unlike conventional coatings, our colorless, liquid coatings form a multi-chain covalent bond with the surface and thus rely on a completely different mechanism of action. Due to the extremely fast cross-linking with the surface, it is considerably more efficient, durable and resistant than purely adhesively functioning coatings, such as varnishes or resins.

They act like a safe. Due to the further development of STS coatings, Ceramic Coating PLUS is chemically resistant, extremely heat-resistant and sustainable.

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