STS coatings - Fit for Sustainability

More than three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water. And although the condition of the waters looks good at first glance, the aquatic ecosystem is affected both directly and indirectly by human activities. Although the amount of substances used in recreational boating is relatively small compared to commercial shipping, it can still be assumed that there is a relevant environmental hazard.

Especially in marinas and closed inland waters this can lead to a high pollution. This knowledge spurred us on years ago to take a special look at a pollutant-free basis for the coatings in the further development of our sealant formulations. After all these years of evaluation, we have succeeded in creating a sustainable ceramic coating for water sports.

The result: STS Ceramic Coating PLUS

Good for the environment, good for you, good for us:
STS Ceramic Coating PLUS is pollutant-free after curing.

We are ahead of the game when it comes to sustainability and aqua-friendliness

In order to be able to claim with a clear conscience that our Ceramic Coating PLUS is aqua-ecologically sustainable and already complies with the new legal requirements for sealants of tomorrow, we commissioned a quality analysis at a German institute. In an independent, transparent and neutral test procedure, the GA Group confirmed that no residues enter the water after the coating has cured. The determination limit was 1 pmm. It does not matter what kind of water it is – salt water, inland waters, rivers or even drinking water, with our coating you can enter any body of water.

Maritim 2

Ceramic coating for water sports

STS MARITIM Coating PLUS has been specially adapted to the needs of boating and water fun sports. With our product range, different valuable materials and materials can be coated. A coating with STS MARITIM is a benefit for GRP, plastic, glass, copper, aluminum and other metals, as well as especially for drives, propellers and trims. Find out about the different categories of protection and care products on our website in the area of sailboats, sailing yachts, motor yachts and houseboats. Water fun sports enthusiasts will also find the right coating for their surfboard, SUP board, wakeboard or jet ski, as well as a special coating for inflatable boards, among the protection and care products.

STS coatings & drinking water? No problem

The quality analysis has determined that after complete curing of the applied Ceramic Coating PLUS, no polluting contaminants are released into the water. This makes a coating of many valuable materials also interesting for industry and the automotive sector. Large surfaces such as photovoltaic systems or glass facades, as well as smaller shapes for everyday use can be sealed, as long as the surface has a smooth texture.

Under Ceramic Coating PLUS, STS MARITIM and STS AUTOMOTIVE you will find information about application areas, suitable materials and our products.


Water consumption – This point also goes to us!

When large areas are cleaned several times, the water consumption is enormous. We only need to consider the effect this has on the environment. A single coating with STS and both water consumption and cleaning effort are noticeably reduced.

By the way, you also save time. We hope you will forgive us for smiling at this aspect as well.

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STS Ceramic Coating PLUS is a benefit for the environment, oceans and rivers.