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Rim coating ACS 3000 – the same idea, the same basis

The aim was to be able to offer a rim coating that meets our requirements for a sustainable and long-lasting coating on the same level as STS coatings. With the integration of the ACS 3000 rim coating into our product family, this has been achieved. Like all STS coatings, ACS 3000 also offers a unique sustainable long-term protective effect.

Only with ACS 3000 rim coating can you be sure that you will not have to repeat the coating at regular short-term intervals. With this coating, your rims are optimally protected for up to five years. The ACS 3000 rim coating is the right choice for high-quality aluminium rims, regardless of whether they are chrome-plated, painted or highly polished.

ACS 3000 – a brilliant performance

  • highly heat resistant up to 850 °C
  • durable easy to clean effect and therefore super easy care
  • chemically resistant surface from 2-13 PH
  • 100 % winterproof
  • easy to apply
  • protection for at least 3-5 years

Protection against brake dust burn-in with ACS 3000

The component of a car closest to the road surface, apart from the tyres, is the rim. As a result, the surfaces of rims are heavily exposed to general environmental influences such as road dirt or road salt. Added to this, however, is the aggressive burn-in of brake dust.

The clear lacquer regularly applied to the aluminium surface protects to a certain extent against chemical environmental influences, such as rim cleaners, but only to a small extent against physical stresses such as the aforementioned brake dust burn-in.

Brake dust burn-in is the greatest danger to a high-quality aluminium rim. It destroys the clear coat and burns into the aluminium. Attempts to prevent this with conventional agents, usually corrosive rim cleaners, lead to the opposite result: the various cleaners destroy the clear lacquer, which is actually supposed to protect the aluminium surface. This means that the cleaning process has to be repeated more and more often, bad for the rim and the environment.

ACS 3000 – a PLUS for the environment

Sustainability, this is where ACS 3000 comes in – lasting protection is not only in the interest of the user, but also protects the environment. A one-time sealing with ACS 3000 means that aggressive cleaning agents can be dispensed with in the future, so that not only a protection period lasting for years, but also the dispensing with corrosive cleaning agents protects the environment.

ACS 3000 wheel rim coating takes a different approach than conventional sealants. This makes the product not only user-friendly but also sustainable.

Even a single application provides protection for years. ACS 3000 cures at room temperature, is then heat resistant up to 850 °C and forms a surface four times harder than a clear lacquer. The pore density is higher than that of glass and the surface receives a chemical resistant protection of 3-12 PH. In addition, a special UV filter preserves paint depth and brilliance, prevents colour fading and can even revive the colour depth of already faded paint.

ACS 3000 rim coating thus offers lasting protection for rims.

STS AUTOMOTIVE – ACS 3000 Ceramic coating for rims

To seal high-quality rims against brake dust burn-in yourself, you can purchase the sets in two sizes in our eShop or in specialized shops. Rims coating EASY – a spray for all those who do not want to invest so much time – you will also find in the store. Larger containers are sold by us as a manufacturer only to commercial companies, service providers and specialized dealers.

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