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STS AUTOMOTIVE green – Set 125 ml

Ceramic sealant for GRP, gelcoat, foils, polyester

  • Protects against frost, moisture, UV rays, sand, road salt…
  • More shine, extremely smooth after polishing out.
  • More time due to less maintenance and labor
  • Long service life after a single application

STS AUTOMOTIVE is our product line especially for all vehicles – used cars, luxury cars, classic cars, expedition vehicles and motorcycles. STS AUTOMOTIVE green is most often used for large GRP surfaces, such as expedition vehicles, motorhomes, sales vehicles or trailers. STS AUTOMOTIVE Green protects against extreme heat, cold up to – 50 °C, sand, scratches, bird droppings and UV rays and also against road salt. Once applied thinly, you achieve a refreshment of the original color and a captivating shine. For example, to seal the roof of a motor home or trailer, a 50 ml ceramic sealant is enough.

You can find more information here:
STS AUTOMOTIVE for motorhomes, expedition vehicles & sales vans.
Ceramic Sealer PLUS – Made in Germany

****** We produce in Germany *******


Includes 19% VAT
(1.336,80  / 1 L)
Delivery Time: 3-5 days

STS AUTOMOTIVE green. First the surface should be washed, cleaned. Then use the pre-cleaner to obtain an absolutely grease-free and clean surface. Now apply an even, fine and economical film of moisture with the liquid sealer. Then polish out the sealed surface with the enclosed polishing cloth. The best result is achieved at a temperature of + 5 °C to + 30 °C. Do not touch the treated surface for at least 2 hours.

STS AUTOMOTIVE green set consists of:

  • STS AUTOMOTIVE green sealing (125ml)
  • pre-cleaner 250 ml)
  • 6 x micro fleece cloth
  • 1 x protective gloves
  • 2 x polishing cloth
  • Safety data sheet including instructions
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