Sustainable boat sealing – antifouling for years

STS MARITIM blue – Set 125 ml

Ceramic coating for propeller, drive unit, trim

  • Protects against fouling, algae, lime, microorganisms
  • Higher glide
  • Sustainability. Pollutant-free after complete curing and professional application.
  • Less work required
  • Durability after single application up to 5 years

STS MARITIM is our product line especially for water sports. STS MARITIM blue protects against algae, lime, fouling and microorganisms. Expertly applied and fully cured, this coating has been proven to release no pollutants into the water. Not only the excellent protection distinguishes this product, but also the time saving due to less work. After only a few minutes, the propeller will be free of fouling when sailing freely. 50 ml STS MARITIM blue is enough for 1 propeller.

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Sustainable Ceramic Coating PLUS
STS MARITIM – Ceramic coating for yachts and boats, water sports

****** Ceramic Coating PLUS * Made in Germany *******


Includes 19% VAT
(1.398,00  / 1 L)
Delivery Time: 3-5 days

Apply STS MARITIM blue as follows: The surface must be absolutely clean and free of grease! Processing at + 5 °C to + 30 °C. Apply the coating to the enclosed lint-free fleece cloth and sparingly apply a fine, even film of moisture. Then polish out with the enclosed polishing cloth. Do not touch for at least 2 hours. First exposure after 12 hours.
Please observe the hazard and safety information.

STS MARITIM blue set consists of:

  • STS MARITIM blue sealing (125ml)
  • Pre-cleaner (250 ml)
  • 6 x micro fleece cloth
  • 1 x protective gloves
  • 2x polishing cloth
  • Safety data sheet including instructions
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